Submission, with a Mission

This page is an oxymoron.

Think about it, the nature of the activities I reference on this post are far from God-like. Where do I fit in scripture and devotion between being hog-tied, engaging in plans with sadists, and visiting the pierced?

What is this really about? Where is the common ground, you say?

Enlightenment. It’s all about the journey.

And I know the doubters are fired up…”Pure blasphemy. There’s nothing spiritual about any of this”
And those in the lifestyle are saying, “Give me a break, really? What’s your angle?”

There is no angle. This is about learning in a very literal way to submit to the control of another. Along the way, I hope that I will also learn through my experiences to submit fully to God.

So this is submission, with a mission. A mission of becoming whole in the person I am. My hope is that this will help others on a similar path.

“God is within her, she will not fall”

Psalms 46:5

14 thoughts on “Submission, with a Mission

    1. Many thanks to you, Sir,. Vraiment, submission is very much a spiritual experience for me. You are correct in your words, a real “act of faith.”
      Thank you for your kind comments and continued support.


  1. WONDERFUL! It is YOUR journey with God and where you are led that defines YOUR faith. I love your boldness. I’m hooked!


      1. In 56 years God has not failed to get me where I need to be at the time I need to be there. Family thinks I’ve lost my religion – they are right I have. After 40 years of pretending, I relocated my faith. Simple – honest – passionate.

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      2. Annie,

        I love that you have lost and yet found your religion. I see life as an ever-evolving process. It’s about where we are in the journey.

        Life is simply too short to pretend.


      3. I would have to say that I renewed the simple faith I had as a child. The one religion killed over forty years. I am not a religious person any longer, I am a woman who has an unwavering belief in God.

        Annie šŸ’™

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  2. Thank you. When I found this blog I was coming to the end of my rope. I didn’t know how to connect my spiritual self with the parts and desires that so many tell me are of the devil. That I was going down an unnatural path. You have given me hope once more that I an still where I need to be.

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    1. I am honored to have you as a reader. There are a lot of us out there…who understand and embrace our spirituality while exploring our entire selves. Welcome. You are where you need to be.
      Thank you for the comments.

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