Master, I need to kneel
Your hands I long to feel

Around my throat
And in that “place”

Taking up all the space

Every inch
As I flinch

I beg for even more

Master, I need your grasp
So firm I gasp

My breath you take
My body quakes

And I beg for even more

Here for you,

Here to use

I beg for even more


(Picture courtesy of Pinterest)



This week has been incredibly stressful for me. Maestro has also had a challenging week. Lucky for us both, he is visiting this weekend. I do hope he sees fit to push my limits and further my enlightenment. I hope he rummages through our bag of delights and finds the perfect implement to use on me, as he uses me.  He says, “You know I don’t take requests.” And trust me, I do know this.

My reply was, “Yes, but I do know you will TAKE what is Yours.”


I hope the weekend is full of dark and dastardly deeds, because this week has been nothing short of pure Madness….


Learning to Fly…

Maestro and I have committed to seeing each other as often as possible.  When I found an excellent deal on train tickets, I decided to pay him a visit.  I had never traveled by train and I was eager to try something new.

The train station was literally stuck in time…I imagine it looked exactly as it did in 1967. At 2:35 am, I boarded the train and began my adventure to see my M.  I can’t say the ride itself was horrible.  It was okay.  I didn’t like the length of the trip (10 hours with all of the stops) but it made me more mindful of just how exhausting it is for Maestro to drive 7 hours, one way, to see me.  I’d always appreciated that he would devote such time for us to be together, but this made me have an even deeper appreciation for his dedication.  An even deeper appreciation for him.

He was literally pulling into the station as I walked outside.  We have this cosmic thing going…When he visits me, I will unlock my front door as he pulling up.  There’s no phone call.  There’s no peeking out of the window.  I just know.  And this was no different.  He pulled up as I stepped off of the elevator.  He didn’t even need to park.

He took one look at me and realized that I was exhausted.  Not just from the train ride…but from all I’ve dealt with over the last couple of months.  He shifted the agenda he’d planned (an agenda that included a visit to a local dungeon) and decided it was best for me to take it easy.  So we had lunch and checked into our room.  At that time, he gave me very specific instructions….

“You need to take a nap.”

I didn’t want to take a nap!  I wanted to spend time with him…in the throes of passion.  But I saw the look in his eye and I knew he wanted what was best for me.  So I did as I was told…and he joined me and whispered, “that’s my good girl.”

Those words….they switch me to the “On” position faster than a speeding bullet (no pun intended there)  So I can’t say that we went to sleep immediately…but we did nap eventually.  And as a reward for my obedience…Maestro took me shopping to one of my favorite stores the next day.  I love how he understands me.  How he knows how to engage me.  How he effortlessly controls me.

We had a very relaxing weekend…we had lunch with his dad.  Went to the movies.  Shopped.  Just spent time together.  And we eventually made our way back to the room.  This time, he did not request that I nap.  Instead, his request was that I pleasure him.  Which I eagerly did.  It one of my favorite directives to follow.  His next request…

“Get on the bed.  Lie across me.”

I quickly complied with his directive.  I was wondering what was coming next?  He had taunted me with spankings all throughout the weekend, so I had no idea of what to expect.  Our bag of tricks was across the room and I’d not seen him open it.  As I pondered with anticipation, I noticed a shift in his tone.  He meant business…

“I want you to lie here and remain still, do you understand? I will tell you when you can move.”

My heart began to beat faster…what was he about to do????

He began tracing my spine with the very tip of his finger.  Up and down.  Circling each part of my back.  It was an amazing sensation…almost a tickle…not enough to laugh.  It was almost an itch…but not enough to scratch.  It was very sensual.  And it was torture.

I wanted to squirm.  I wanted to arch my back for more.  But my instructions were clear.  I was not to move.  So I lied across his body as he tormented me.  And I realized as we continued, that this was another lesson.  Maestro was teaching me that pain/torture need not come from a bull whip or nipple clamps…that something as simple and sublime as his light touch could appeal to my masochistic tendencies.  He was demonstrating to me that torment comes in all forms.  And I loved every second of it.

He held me hostage like that for a long time.  I found myself so aroused by his focused touch and attention, that I could have exploded at any given moment.  But again, my instructions were to be still.  So I obeyed, even though it was almost unbearable.  When he could see that I’d had enough…he saw fit to take what was his.  Without hesitation.  And he showed me no mercy.  I found myself in subspace faster than I’d ever ventured before.

I was perplexed….I typically have an indication that I am approaching subspace.  I typically find myself there after some type of impact play or when there is some form of pain.  This was different.  I found myself there, faster than ever.  His session of “pleasured” torture had aroused me to a point that even I was not aware.  I was almost alarmed by my arrival…it happened so quickly.

He could sense that I was unsettled by my rapid ascent to subspace and he held me.  He whispered in my ear, stroked my hair, made me feel like the luckiest woman in the universe.  I melted into his form and relaxed into the moment, realizing that I was safe and protected.  Realizing that every time I venture to this perfect place of oblivion, I find myself bound but free.  Tethered and bound to him as the center of my world, but free to feel and experience all that I am,  because of him. Because of his love and devotion.

And ladies and gentlemen…this is the good stuff.


Above the planet on a wing and a prayer,
My grubby halo, a vapour trail in the empty air,
Across the clouds I see my shadow fly
Out of the corner of my watering eye
A dream unthreatened by the morning light
Could blow this soul right through the roof of the night

Joy, Pain, and Minnie Pearl

Where were we?  Oh that’s right…we just finished up Saturday.

Maestro conducted a full orchestra throughout the weekend.  By the time Sunday rolled around (we affectionately call Sunday, Subday around here) I was soft putty in his hands.  Honestly, he could look at me and evoke a reaction.  Every nerve in my body longed for his touch and I found myself, once again, sequestered to the bed.

Under his spell.

He held me captive for hours delivering immense pleasure as only he can.  I love that he keeps a close check on my needs.  He got up and brought me some water, but paused before returning to the bed.

He rummaged through our bag of tricks and I was once again redirected…this time to keep my eyes closed.  He came back to the bed and put my collar on.  The collar that has his affectionate pet name for me (SLUT) in silver on the front.  Once I have that on, I find that any inhibitions I may have are erased from my being.

“I didn’t tell you to open your eyes.  Now close them, my dirty little slut”

Damn…he has a way with words…

I could hear him open something…like a cap.  I realized it was the tube of lubricant in the bag.  I wondered what would come next…

I readied myself.  I could feel him looking at me.

“Open your eyes.”

I opened them and saw that he’d selected a new item from our collection.  He was holding the new anal plug I’d ordered.  He wanted me to see it.  He wanted me to know what was in store for me.

It is a bit imposing, I must admit.  Have you ever ordered too much in a restaurant, only to realize that your eyes were bigger than your stomach?

In this case, my eyes were bigger than my ass…

I had a slight bit of fear pulsating through my veins as I watched him position me, ready me for this session of play.  I knew it would be intense, but I welcomed the opportunity to push more limits…and as I pondered this limit-pushing…

Maestro slowly pushed the tip of the plug inside me.

(Here’s a bit of trivia for you folks at home…I have named it Minnie Pearl, because when it goes in it makes me want to say….”HOWDY!”)

He continued to push further in….slowly…checking to see if I was okay.  And I was.  I was really okay.  It was wonderful.  I wanted it deeper…and Maestro obliged.  Once fully engaged, he took out another trick from the bag…

The riding crop.

He taunted me with it…rubbing my back with the tip.  Gliding over my legs and circling my backside.  He walked around me, surveying his best angle and then he delivered the first blow on my upper right cheek.

Such a sweet combination…the sting of the crop caused me to flinch, enhancing the depth of the plug.  He continued to find targets all over my bottom and was quick in his work.  I found myself close the edge when introduced the crop’s cousin…

The flogger.

Maestro is a professional when it comes to flogging.  He knows the exact force to use, the best places to strike, and the perfect rhythm and I found myself over the edge with Minnie in tow, before I could say Chuck Norris.

Then he began to alternate the crop and flogger and things became very intense.  I could feel my back warming from the sensations and I wanted more.  Being the adept Master he is, Maestro obliged and brought me to oblivion with swift precision.  I ended up in subspace once again and found myself joyously laughing from the experience.

Once I was back from the clouds and onto the bed…Maestro had another implement pulled from the bag (the never ending bag…reminds of Mary Poppins’ carpetbag…what else could possibly be in there). This time I was not allowed to open my eyes and felt the sharp sting of something metal…

The Wartenberg Pinwheel…or as I now call it, the Wheel of Fortune.  He started on the bottom of my right foot and came all the way up the back of my leg, across my reddened bottom, up my back and back down the other side…when he arrived at my left cheek, I began to laugh uncontrollably.  The sensation was unlike anything I’d felt before and I LOVED IT!  I felt the sensation of pain from the sharp points on my ass, but the feeling was more like a relentless tickle.  Maestro loved hearing me laugh and he tortured me with the wheel and his nimble fingers until I could take no more and I ventured into subspace again.

For those of you at home, keeping score…yes, that was twice in one day.

At this point, I wanted nothing more than to pleasure him.  He had given me an afternoon of hedonistic delight and it was my turn.  I love when he watches me take him deep in my mouth.  I love hearing him moan.  I love it when he talks explicitly dirty to me.

And I love the prize I receive when I bring him over the edge.

After all of the fun, I collapsed in his embrace and we woke up just in the nick of time.  The babysitter was due back any minute with the kids and everything was a mess…the room…the bed…and especially me.  We gathered everything up in the room…straightened the bed and hopped in the shower in record time and were ready to greet the kids as they came in the door.


What a perfect “Subday” Sunday…