I left off about four months ago.  We were on the cusp of change.  Moving.  Changing jobs.  Relocating our family.  And suddenly our plans changed.

About one week after I wrote my last post, my father died.  I knew it was coming, but didn’t expect him to go as quickly as he did.  I had the time to say what I needed to say to him.  Most of his family visited and he was at peace.  He knew he was loved.

My first day at the new job was delayed by a week, because of his passing.  I work for hospice, so if anyone understands everything that’s involved in dealing with death, hospice does.  They were understanding and even sent flowers to his service.  And then everything changed in a matter of a week, that week I was supposed to have started.

I walked into the office on my first day, and the three people who’d interviewed me were no longer with the company.  My direct manager, the administrator and the regional director.  All gone.  The replacements were of a completely different mindset and had little to no concern for me or anyone else, nor for anything other than our numbers.  It was like walking into a lion’s den.  To make matters worse, I fell walking into a hospital to visit a patient and broke my foot.  I’ve been sequestered to a desk since June, when I typically work in the field.

M’s job was not what it seemed either.  The director of human resources that recruited and hired him, left after his second week on the job.  No one else was designated to train him, so they tucked him away in a corner, watching training videos for three weeks.  There was a complete restructure of his department, and his position changed significantly.  Needless to say, he’s not happy.

The good news in all of this…we never relocated.  It was almost as if God was looking out for us.  We were outbid on the first house we liked and the second one had some major underlying issues, so we retracted our offer.  It seemed there were all these obstacles around us finding a place to live.  I am so thankful.  We hate the commute, but we find ways to make it work while we look for jobs closer to home.

All of this turmoil has left me in a strange place.  I am still grieving over my father.  He and my mother died within 18 months of each other and that’s a lot to process.  I really dislike my job and feel that I am being spiritually led to other ventures.  I need to cultivate a different career path…one that allows me more time with my children and M.  I am happiest when I serve others, and I’ve lost that part of job satisfaction where I am.

So our life has been re-routed.  But we are still strong.  Our family continues to thrive.  And I am ever-grateful to be on this path to ‘whatever comes next’ with my M…even if he won’t stop to ask for directions.  I know he will lead us to where we need to be.  I know he will help me find who I’ve yet to become.  the hunt

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18 thoughts on “Re-Routed

  1. Ironic that I hit “publish” on a post regarding service (Christian service from my POV) and then saw your words appear.

    Remember that you are always given two ways to see events. One is brought to you by the Devil and the other is from God. Look at your many blessings and remember them as trials seem to materialize in this time.

    Good luck ma’am.

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    1. Thank you. If I am being transparent here (and for some reason, I feel the need to tell you all of this) I feel as if God is on my heels. I have glimpsed so many small miracles lately that I feel His presence in my life. I have also been offered a role in a ministry that helps children with cancer. I am beginning to see that although we didn’t relocate, I have a purpose for being where I am. I feel nothing happens by chance, and I was supposed to be where I am for as long as He sees fit.
      I always appreciate your comments. Hope you are doing well.

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      1. My life will begin to mend soon I hope. Oddly I find myself in the most stressing time of my life only now. But now, more than ever, I count my blessings instead of my challenges. The Devil can only get to me if he can get me to overlook how blessed I am even now.

        I’m glad that you have good to report. Feel free to contact me if you take that position and desire insight or opinion. It is a tall challenge that haunts in many ways.

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      2. I sincerely appreciate your offer. I will definitely reach out for your insight.
        In the midst of the stress, I am glad you see how blessed you are. Gratitude helps to heal.

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  2. I’m so sorry you’re going through all of this Lex! My heart hurts for you. I had no idea you broke your foot. If you told me I don’t remember but how could I forget something like that. You’ve really had a rough go lately. Keep that beautiful head up and dust the dirt off your shoulders. You’ve got this. You’re strong, beautiful, intelligent and so caring. Things are going to be just fine. Patience is so hard isn’t it? Love you my little pretty!

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    1. Love you too, Beauty! Yeah I broke my foot about 10 days into the new job. So it’s been a rough go, but things are looking up! I so appreciate you ALWAYS being there. Love you, my friend!

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  3. Geez! Synchronicity is a strange thing.
    I just got diagnosed with Peroneal Tendinosis. It comes from overuse. I am laying with my left foot propped up as I type this.
    Just grateful it’s now my driving foot.
    With that out of the way…
    I, like our dear beautiful Lennon, missed the fact that your foot was broken. God bless you my love!
    You know sometimes it seems that we have these ‘odd seasons’ where things just seem all out of sorts but the good news is that the tide always flows right back in and things get even better.
    I was one told that a really low point means a very high point is on the way.
    Let’s believe that!
    Much Love,

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    1. G,
      I am so sorry to hear about your foot. What will they do about it? I broke mine and didn’t know it. Such a sucker for pain that I walked on it wrapped in a bandage for almost 3 weeks before I found out it was fractured. Now it’s physical therapy and heat and electricity several times a week.
      And it’s ironic that you shared that about the low/high points… the low point became Mount Everest today. Private message me at if you can. I’ll pour the tea 🙂
      All my love!

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    1. You could speak Mandarin Chinese, my friend. I would still understand. We have a unique language. Don’t sweat the minor typos…no Grammar Nazi’s are allowed to enter my blog! LOL

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