Making Up for Lost Time

There is nothing like marathon make-up sex to make it all better.  Since M’s been back, we’ve been back at it…each and every and any opportunity we can.

In the morning before work…

Those” run home for a quick lunch” Nooners…

The “we have 30 minutes before the kids get home from school” afternoon delights

Those “time for bed” at 8:30 evenings where we don’t actually go to sleep until 1:00 am

The wee hour “wake up call” where there’s no need for an alarm, beacause we never go to sleep.

And as much as I love how he takes me.  How he controls me.  The immense pleasure we share…what I really love, is how close we are becoming.  It feels like the brief hiatus ignited our devotion to one another.  I find myself more submissive.  I am more acutely aware of my service to him.  I want to give more of myself to him.

And on a side note, all of this action is great for my fitness routine.

Now if I can just get some sleep.

all the time



9 thoughts on “Making Up for Lost Time

      1. I’ve put over a hundred hours on the clock at once on multiple occasions and countless 60-70 hour workdays. Keep going, worst that can happen is that you die a VERY happy death!


  1. Happy for you! Enjoy what you have, carpe diem. Many of us don’t get a second chance to go down that road again, and what we would give up if we could! I will always regret not having the passionate, crazy, non-stop rabbit sex with the man I loved and would love for the rest of my life. Try as you may, there comes a point where you just can turn the clocks back.


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