Lately, I guess I have been in a bubble. With so much fun going on at home, I haven’t really kept up with current events, or even local news.

So I just missed this one…

While shopping at Target yesterday (honestly readers, you would think I live there) I noticed a large display of books near the check-out. It was the new E L James’ book, “Grey”. It was brazenly on display, right where they place the “impulse items”. I snickered to myself and thought, how appropriate.  Next to the guilty pleasures of candy bars, expensive Chapstick and individual Frappucino bottles, lurked the latest tome on the man himself, Christian Grey.

So this is a book written exclusively from Christian’s perspective.  In his words.  A work to further explore his sadistic mind.  His quirky ways.  His brooding intensity.  I pondered purchasing it.  But instead, I impulsively picked up the EOS Chapstick and a Frappucino, and made my way out of the store.

Driving away, I started thinking about the name “Grey”. I started thinking about the connotation behind it.  I began to reflect on other movies who had a brooding leading man with the same surname.  And it was distracting, so I pulled over, reapplied my Chapstick and finished up the Mocha.

One of my favorite independent films is 2002’s Secretary.  Maggie Gyllenhaal played the role perfectly and the movie jump-started her career.  And then there was James Spader….whew.   His character was none other than, Mr. E. Edward Grey, an OCD attorney who plowed through secretaries faster than a Kardashian changes shoes. To me, he is who I think of when I hear the title, “Mr. Grey”.   Since he was her boss, she always called him Mr. Grey, especially when he fashioned his angry red Sharpie to her work and bent her over his desk.  Love that movie. It was so quirky and bizarre, but nonetheless, brilliant.  And a happy ending.


If you take it back a bit further, you will find the character of John Gray, from 1986’s Nine 1/2 weeks.  Back then, Mickey Rourke was the bad boy the good girls loved.  And boy was he bad in the movie.  Dark and mysteriously charming he seduced Kim Basinger and made her a wanton wreck of a woman in the end.  A not so happy ending…and a terrible sequel, too.


And of course, there is the now infamous, Christian Grey.  The ultra-successful billionaire who wears his jeans off his hips, likes his women submissive, his dungeons red and his ropes tight.


All of these similarly surnamed characters made me think…what is it about the name “Grey/Gray” that aligns with the aura of dominant mystique?  The word literally means, the “color intermediately between black and white” (no surprise there)  So is it because all of these characters embrace both the light and dark sides of their psyche?  Is it because they are the balance of both good and bad?  They have in some way mastered the place in the middle where those lines are skewed?  Possibly?  Thoughts?

But grey/gray also means “dull and nondescript without interest or character” and I wonder if that definition is a direct reference to the new book?  HA!  Just kidding!

Don’t fool yourself…I am sure I will pick it up on my next venture to Target…after all this pensive thought I need to go back, I am almost out of Chapstick.


22 thoughts on “Grey…

      1. Nope – just the right amount. I bought the damn moving when it came out and STILL haven’t bothered to watch it. I admit I liked the books for the erotica they were but I just never was inspired by them the way so many others seemed to have been. I guess I’m too old.

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      2. I, too enjoyed the books. The movie…bleh. I prefered the subtitled Story of O, or Last Tango in Paris.
        But I am sure I will buy the book and find some gems in there. The image of the jeans off the hips does it for me. And maybe that means I am getting too old! Ha!

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      3. I did buy Grey last night. I will read it I’m sure and will probably enjoy to the degree I enjoyed the others.

        I confess my favorite erotic movie of all time remains ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ along with the novel.

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      4. All I can say…it is well with my soul. Better and better each day.
        Hope you are better…feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Love to you.

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      5. YES ma’am! It is well with my soul too. It’s the flesh that fights, but the soul embraces each step as a wondrous journey. Love right back to you ❤

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  1. I didn’t realize the other Gray’s. 9 1/2 Weeks was one of my first influential movies, also American Gigolo with Richard Gere.


    1. Thanks for your comments, Mr. M. I also enjoyed American Gigolo. On a completely different note, as it was more of a period piece (although the subject matter was relevant) i liked the movie Quills, about the Marquis de Sade. Have you seen that one?


  2. Wow– I had never connected all those “Grey” dots. Very astute of you!

    Apparently I too have been “under a rock” because I missed the release of this new book. Secretary for me was creepy weird, but it really stuck with me. I knew that it was too weird for SK to watch, it would have creeped him out. Story of O was what I cut my BDSM teeth on (back in the 80s when we just called it S&M, assuming the dominance and bondage were just part of the package; and, I had the “real deal Sir Stephan” who gladly shared me… and when I look back I find that so wrong for me), and I like the book better than the movie; SK to my shock actually bought me a new edition of O while we were in Paris (which was using the “if you like FSOG hype…” Ugh. Two completely different works of literature. I watched Story of O nearly 30 years after my first time and didn’t find it quite as titillating, and a bit disturbing. And as for the FSOG movie– i bought it and thought I’d enjoy rewatching it, but realized in so many ways how insipid it really was!

    All to say, I HAVE GOT TO GET MY NOVELS e-published! Because, IMHO, I can do even better. The fifth book is so much better than the first… but the first is needed to hang the story together.

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    1. I would LOVE to read your novels! Get them out there, DD. We need a new “Story of O” type of work that is not linked to FSOG. And agreed…there were some disturbing parts in “O” that you don’t realize at first. Funny story…first time I watched it…it was in Spanish, subtitled in English, so the dialogue was quite dramatic…almost sounded like a naughty version of Telemundo in certain scenes.
      M and I saw FSOG and then critiqued over dinner afterwards. The people at Red Robin got an earful that night!
      If you do get the new book, let us know your take on it…I keep resisting the urge to buy it. Managed to get out of Target today, buying only diapers. No Chapstick. No coffee. And no Grey.

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      1. LOL, hope the diapers weren’t for you!

        Thanks. I don’t know what my problem is. Two books of the series are ready to go… part of it is that I know I can’t publish under my real name, so having to stay in the closet is a little daunting and disappointing. The other is sheer laziness to learn the “How to” of E-publishing. I’ve already tackled part 1, how to format the manuscript. Now it’s cover art that stymies me. Bleh. But thanks for being willing to read!

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      2. By the way…diapers were for the little one! Yes, I am in my 40’s and have an almost 2 year old (and an 18 year old and a 7 year old). And yes, I am a masochist! LOL

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      3. You have my prayers. Wow. I don’t know that I’d be able to do that, you’re a superhero. Our 3 came before the 3rd anniversary, which served to throw us into ninja-parenting for the next 18 years; and also tanked our relationship. But big sigh, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. We started popping kids out in my mid-30s, so seeing them off when you’re in your 50s-60s at least has the potential of keeping you young at heart.

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      4. I love that term, “ninja parenting” such a great description! And I don’t know if I could’ve handled all of their different personalities at once like that! WHEW!

        And I’ve done the math…first one graduated in 2015, Next one graduates in 2026 and the little tyrant will graduate in 2031. And I will have my AARP card. Yikes!


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