Recently I have been on a musical mission. Finding songs from my past that resonate with me now. And I noticed a trend during my search.  Many of the songs I sought, had been “remastered”.

What an interesting word…Remastered.

In music, remastered means the original recording of a song has been digitally enhanced.  Most of the songs on my list that have been remastered, sound clearer, and there is a greater distinction in tone.  There is an overall better sound quality…with no static.  It is still the same song, not a cover, but rather better version of the original.

What an interesting concept.  ReMastered.

Taking a moment to apply the concept to myself, I find that I have indeed, been ReMastered.  I am still the same “song” but the static is gone.  I am clearer.  I am able to distinguish between the many tones in my sound.  It is all because I am enhanced.  Better.

Leave it to the Maestro to put my song back in tune, making it better than the original.

Living the M/s dynamic 24/7 makes me a better person.  My focus is steady, my resolve relentless.  My one and only objective is to do what is pleasing to M.  And many of you reading this may think…yeah, that’s nice, but what about your job, your kids, your life?  And I hear you…months ago, I would not have understood the profound effect living in a power-exchange relationship would have on how I function.  But this “ReMastering” makes me better in every way.

If I focus on what is pleasing to my Maestro, then I have no other worries.

It makes him happy if I wake up early and arrive to work early.  He finds my punctuality, pleasing.

It makes him happy when I keep the kids on a routine (and he helps tremendously with this).  He finds this structure pleasing.

It makes him happy that I take a minute in the morning to fix his coffee and bring it to him, without being asked.  He finds my service to him, pleasing.

It makes him happy when I openly beg him for what I want, without limit or reservation.  He finds my absolute surrender to him, pleasing.

It makes him happy when I kneel before him, as he reads or watches television, resting my head on his knee.  He finds my reverence to him, pleasing.

I feel complete and utter peace in doing what pleases him.  Everything is easier for me.  I don’t become as stressed when the kids are out of control, because I have his support and his strength.  Bad day at work? No problem…I can give it all to him and from his vantage point as my Master, he helps me find the opportunities hidden from my sight. His ownership protects me from many of the burdens I’ve faced alone for most of my life.

If you stop and think about it…it’s really a beautiful trade.  His ownership and my surrender.  Each of us giving the other what they want most out of life.  I find it very spiritual and it reaffirms this journey of mine.  This journey that has shifted into something far deeper than I ever thought possible.  It’s much like a godly relationship.  Giving all to God…the good and the bad, handing over all burdens, giving praise and glory.  Allowing oneself to surrender, to be led, to be protected.  For me, my relationship with Maestro, within this M/s dynamic, is a direct manifestation of how I want my relationship with God to be.  I want to do what is pleasing to Him, knowing that this is my one directive.  Living in a way that is pleasing to both my Maestro and my Maker.  Leaving my troubles and burdens with those who take on the responsibility in exchange for my faith, devotion and surrender.

It is perfect in its simplicity.

And I have to say…each day with Maestro is perfect simply because he is here.  I guess you could say that I have everything I want.

You say you’ll give me
Eyes in a moon of blindness
A river in a time of dryness
A harbor in the tempest

12 thoughts on ““ReMastered”

  1. There is NO WAY i could submit to another human so deeply if i hadn’t submitted to God first. Understanding what submission to His will means makes earthly submission that much sweeter!

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    1. Shalom,

      You are so right! Earthly submission is so much better when you are surrendered to His will.
      I really appreciate your comments, friend.

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      1. Thank you! i’ve never felt as comfortable in my own skin as i do submitted, but there’s bittersweet irony this week. i have decided to leave the church i have attended for the last 16 months.i can’t live with the intolerance they preach in the name of His word any longer. My church home will be distant for a time and i may lose people in my life, but it’s time to stand for His way, not the pastor’s.

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      2. Shalom,

        What a strong woman of faith you are. I understand this wholeheartedly. I left a church I loved when the agenda shifted from God’s word to the pastor’s judgement. Doors will open for you. God will lead you to where you need to be.
        Love to you…

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  2. I am so happy that you have found a man of worth, who’s Masterful attitude isn’t just over you, but your universe. That he knows what is good for your kids, your family, your career, is in turn good for you and him, is brilliant. He sounds like a wonderful man, and you deserve no less!

    And risking that I am a wet blanket here, please allow me remind you that he is a MAN. At some point he will make mistakes, and he may disappoint you (I know you realize this intellectually). This is why I pray along with you: “My relationship to Maestro is.. how I want my relationship with God to be. I want to do what is pleasing to Him, knowing that this is my one directive. Living in a way that is pleasing to both my Maestro and my Maker. Leaving my troubles and burdens with those who take on the responsibility in exchange for my faith, devotion and surrender.”

    I started reading your blog because I felt your spirit and I felt your desire to live out your faith joyfully. Faith, devotion, and surrender are pleasing to God, and it’s pleasing to God that you also have these for your mate. I still pray that for you. There is nothing like knowing your mate answers to God, and that by submitting to him, you are putting yourself into right relationship with God.

    Seek first the kingdom of God—and all these things will be added unto you!! Hugs!!

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    1. DD,

      I just love you! You really get it. I went into this journey seeking the solace of a relationship with God, hoping that I would meet someone worthy and Godly along the way. For a while after many false Doms, I felt even more lost than I did before I began my search. But then, M arrived and it affirmed everything. I love that you are not afraid of being what you call, “a wet blanket” and saying what needs to be said. M is human and he will make mistakes, as will I…what I am so grateful for in this relationship is the true expression of grace. That our love for each other is unconditional. That we hope to do what is pleasing to the other, but there will be times we fall short. I realize more each day that M and I were put together for a much bigger purpose. Our life is far from perfect, but it is ours and He is led by Him, and I am led by M. And it is better than I ever imagined.

      Love to you, DD, and your SK,

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  3. Lex, i am behind on my reading, but wanted you to know that i indeed read this post! i am so very happy for you. i look forward to reading and “hearing” more about your days with M.

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  4. Beautiful. Lovely. True.

    He has granted what you were seeking, and now you are both on this journey together with Him.

    I can’t tell you how happy I am for you.


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