The Four-Letter Word

And as our weekend came to a close, I found myself spent and euphoric.  Maestro and I had an amazing time together.  I feel us becoming closer.  Our connection deeper.  Our future together more certain.  Our plans more definite.

I can say, without a shred of doubt or hesitation….

I am His.

He left early Monday to return home.  I was in desperate need of a nap and a shower.  There was only time for one of them…so I took a shower and readied myself for work.

After showering I noticed there was something written on my backside.  Something left behind by my Maestro.  I turned to look more closely in the mirror.

And there it was…

His mark.

My title…

Written in beautiful block lettering, by the hand of the man I love, was a four letter word.

Scribed backwards, so I could read it clearly in the mirror, was just this single word that says it all…








9 thoughts on “The Four-Letter Word

    1. Thanks, you two! It’s starting to fade now and that makes me sad. But Maestro and I will see each other again soon and hopefully, he will see fit to write it there again.

      And maybe in the near future, we will venture into something more permanently inked. He’s an artist by trade, so I am certain he could design something perfect.

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  1. Awww— so sweet! How did it get there without you noticing? So romantic!

    I am not a tat girl, never will be… but this sense of being his is so overwhelming sometimes I do wish I had a more permanent mark of being his. In my fiction, I have been toying with adding that in to a scene… you’ve reminded me!

    So happy for your closeness and special bonds. Wishing you all the best!


    1. DD,

      To answer your question on how he did it…I was passed out asleep after the marathon weekend…so he took full advantage and made his mark.
      And for some fun…I discovered a website called “straytats” where you can design temporary tattoos. I’ve ordered some rather explicit ones I plan to surprise M with, placed on strategic parts of my body. They only last a week or so and you can write whatever you want…trust me…mine are very racy.

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    1. Elle,

      I found it to be one of the most romantic things anyone has done for me…I loved it. I hope he does it again one day. It was empowering and sexy to have his word on me as I went about my daily routine!

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