The Devil Is in the Details

If I were to post an ad for a Master/Dominant in the proverbial want-ads of D/s, here’s how it would read:

Wanted (ahem…Needed): Strong, charismatic man…Dominant/Master-type, confident, self-assured, disciplined, who is able to assess needs, provide guidance and direction, administer correction/punishment to a very strong-willed, sometimes cheeky…submissive. Candidate must be “hands-on” and demonstrative. He must possess strong communication skills and be able to express himself well, “orally.”

This individual should be willing to invest in building a power-exchange partnership and he must be very  “detail-oriented”  Experience with floggers, crops, paddles and restraints is a plus. Must be willing to push limits. Interested applicants should apply within

And with that description, there is no need for an ad or an interview…Maestro would have the job…and he has the job…holding his position as my Master with a firm grip.

Now back to the story.

Saturday morning came early for us…not that either of us slept much.  But little one was awake at dawn…and her big brother was not far behind.  We got up, had breakfast, enjoyed some time with the kids, and it seemed we would go on with our day as we usually do…doing things around the house and just spending family time together.  Being Valentines Day, we made arrangements to secure the kids, and I thought we would venture out for lunch or something. But Maestro had a different agenda…

“Come back to bed”

I was relieved…good idea, I thought…maybe we can grab a quick nap before the kids come back from the sitters.  Wrong…

A nap was not in his plan.  And he was direct in his instruction.

“Take off your clothes and lie on your stomach, please”

I did as instructed.  He crawled in beside me and began to rub my back.  It was heavenly. He brushed the hair away from my face and kissed me for what seemed an eternity…then he looked in my sleepy eyes and said…

“I want you on all fours…ass up.”

Strong communication skills…a must for the position.  

I did as I was told.  And he began to explore every part of me from the inside out.  Not missing anything.  I was about to ask his permission when he shushed me and said…

“Today, we are going to do something different.  I want you to learn to express yourself without talking.  When you are about to orgasm, I want you to raise your arm.  Do you understand?”

Raise my arm? You mean like I did in middle school as the annoying, over-achieving teacher’s pet?

I kept my thoughts to myself and said, “Yes, Sir.  I understand.”

“Good girl.  Now lie on your side, with your back to me.”

He pulled me to him and pressed my body into his…wrapping his leg around mine, holding me open.  Reaching around my stomach he made quick work of my open posture.  I began to moan with each movement.

“Remember, the task is to raise your arm…now focus…and be quiet.”

I figured it out…he was conditioning me to learn how to quiet myself minimizing sound when kids are home.  Smart man.

Providing guidance and direction…and correction.  Maestro really does have the job!

So within minutes, I raised my arm…raised it again.  Again.  Again.  As always, he plays me like an orchestra.  And then I noticed a more serious look on his face.  I could tell things were about to shift into a more heated exchange.

Before I knew it, before I could prepare myself…Maestro took me to sub space. There is nothing like that feeling.  Nothing like that complete abandon.  I melted into his arms and he held me close, until I was back on the planet.

We just stayed there for a while intertwined and I thought…maybe we are going to take a quick nap.  Wrong again. Seems I will never learn.

“You did really well…but I know you need more.  On your stomach again.  Ass up”

Willing to push limits

All sleepiness that I’d felt immediately dissipated, as I could tell he was intent on having me again. I waited for the first touch as I heard him rambling about in our bag of tricks.  I felt a nervous twinge in my belly…excited to see what was in store next.

He saw me looking back at him and he quickly redirected me…”Eyes forward”

“Yes, Master.”  I looked forward, intently listening to see if I could discern his choice from the bag…but it was to no avail.

Soon I felt him slide something inside me…something small.  He pushed it in deeply and then I felt the sweet vibration.  He put our newest gadget…a remote control bullet inside his favorite place.  This new toy has 10 settings and let me just say…he tried them all, making note of those that drove me crazy.  Once he knew which settings I liked, he was relentless.  He pursued my orgasms like a predator stalking his prey.

I raised my arm more than a grade school crossing guard.  He called it his remote key-less entry.

And he knew exactly which settings to use and how to torment me…

Hands-on and Detail-oriented…He nailed it…he has a position in this company forever.  

I commented to the Maestro (when I could compose myself long enough to talk) that he certainly knows exactly how to drive me out of my mind…

His reply, “You know darlin’, the devil is in the details”

And to quote Charlie Daniels… “Hell’s broke loose in Georgia and the Devil deals it hard”

Yes he does…


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