Relax…Don’t Do it

I simply love instructions…

Knowing this, Maestro obliged me by giving me tasks to complete each day.  One task…to return my son’s tablet that stopped working and get a replacement.  I had procrastinated doing this on my own, but when he asked me to do it, it was done in less than 24 hours.   The next task was to get a new wastebasket for my oldest son’s room.  Done.  There were a few other things he asked me to complete during the week.  All of them were finished in record time.

Then on Thursday night, the instructions took a more focused turn…

“When I get there tomorrow night, I want you completely clean shaven, wearing a dress, no panties.  I do not want you to cook anything for me…we will order in.  I do not want you to worry about cleaning everything in the house and making it look perfect.  I want you well-rested, relaxed and ready for me.  Do you understand?”

Boy did I understand…

Friday turned out to be an extremely hectic day.  Lots to do at work and barely enough time to get it all done prior to his arrival.  He texted me around 7:30 to let me know he was about 40 minutes away. I slipped on my black shift dress, with a cardigan…sans panties and began getting the kiddos to bed.  And just like that…he was here.

The dinner I ordered arrived shortly after he did.  We ate and caught up on the week’s events.  I could tell by the way he looked at me that he really liked the dress.  He asked if I did everything he asked me to do, and I told him I did.

He said, “That’s my good girl.”  And his hand made its way up my dress.

He whispered in my ear, “I really like this dress on you.  And I enjoyed dinner.  But what I really want to know is…are you ready for your Master?”

When that man whispers in my ear, the world stops and I become a melted pool of a woman under his spell.

I gathered myself and said, “Yes, Sir.  I am ready for my Master.”

He stroked my hair and said, “Good girl.”  His grasp tightened and he pulled my hair back to look into my eyes.  “Now, take the dress off.”

I quickly did as he asked.  He instructed me assume position,  to lie across his lap on the couch.  He caressed the backs of my thighs and spread my legs to find his special spot.  He was focused on bringing me to the edge, and bringing me there quickly…

And then he stopped.  WHAT????

He said, “You’re not allowed to cum yet.  Not until I tell you.  Do you understand me?”


Before I knew it, my bottom lip began to protrude into a large pout.

“You have to ask permission before having an orgasm.  I will decide when you are ready.”

He continued with his task of bringing me to the edge and stopping before I fell into abandon.  I was putty in his experienced hands and he continued to torment me.

“Face me and stand on the couch.”

I was a bit puzzled?  Stand on the couch?

“Come here.  Stand in front of me and open your legs.”

And I did exactly as he said.  And within moments, I felt my legs shaking from the ecstasy he administered.  I asked him in a breathless whisper…

“Master, may I please…” and my voice drifted off, interrupted by the surge of pleasure coming from my stance on the couch.

“May you what?” he growled.

I could barely muster the words.  It was so hard for me gather my thoughts long enough to formulate sentences.

“May I please cum?” I begged.

He pulled me down onto his lap and looked into my eyes, and simply said, “No.”

It was agonizing.  I had been brought to the edge over and over and hadn’t been allowed to release. He could see my frustration.  He could feel my agony.

“Do you know why I am doing this to you?  Do you know why I won’t allow you to cum?  Because I own you.  This is part of your training.  This is part of your submission to me.  I will reward you when I feel you have had enough.”

The sound of his voice does something for me.  But the sound of his voice when he commands me, pushes me closer to that edge of abandon.

“Now get move over there and open yourself wide for me.”

I complied…preparing myself…knowing I would not be allowed to release.  And he was relentless in his pursuit of my edge.  I was ready.  So ready.  He could sense how close I was.

He growled, “Who do you belong to?”

“You” I shouted.

His voice became more tender, as he clenched my hair.  “That’s right.  You are mine.  Now cum for me.”

The command of his voice sent me into oblivion in a matter of nanoseconds.

And finally…I had my release.  My screams of affirmation could be heard in a two-county radius.

Then he whispered in my ear….

“That’s my good girl.”

We went to bed early but neither of us got much sleep.  He made it his mission to give me the immense pleasure I craved.  I learned to ask his permission and our dance went on until the wee hours of the morning.

I served him.

He ravaged me.

I pleasured him more.

He used me for his pleasure.

And on..and on…

And this was within the first 12 hours of his arrival…I knew then it was going to be a GREAT weekend…and that I should relax and enjoy the ride.



9 thoughts on “Relax…Don’t Do it

  1. Mmm. Sounds divine… you must have heavy sleepers in your kids! I LONG for SK to be able to bring those Os about for me. We are stuck right now and Os don’t happen unless I’m “actively involved” with a wand… I’m sure it’s a combination of age, trust and control issues.. Happy for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DD,

      Thank you! The kiddos are heavy sleepers, thank goodness! And they sleep with sound machines (rain is a particularly good cover for other noises) and their rooms are upstairs, which gives us a bit more privacy.
      I will say that for me, finally letting go of control has been one of the keys to open the O’s around here, so I do understand where you are (for lack of a better word) coming from, my friend.
      Hugs to you!


  2. I’m so happy for you, Lex! Isn’t it amazing how quickly we do something if being told by our Master/Dom/Sir/Daddy? This last week Daddy told me to start drinking 100 oz of water a day. I don’t like water normally, but when He told me to do it, I immediately obeyed! Now I end up finishing it before I get done with work. I feel better because of it too.

    I wish K were a heavy sleeper! I’ve learned to quiet my screams when receiving O’s from Daddy. Not easy…let me tell ya!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. jb,
      Get K a sound machine! They work wonders! But when my oldest is home, I have to mute things also, so I do understand.
      You are right…makes a tremendous difference when we are asked by our Loves to do something. It makes me feel closer to Maestro when I am doing something he requested…it bridges the physical distance in our location…it’s as if he’s here with me. And i hope he will be here more permanently soon :-).
      I am beyond ready…
      Hugs, friend!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! M just gave me some additional tasks and I am excited to get started on them!
      Isn’t funny how the right person changes everything?
      Thanks for the comments!

      Liked by 1 person

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