The Runner

You know…I think I will break tradition and write about someone different.

No gentlemen callers.

No Dom prodigies

No gangsters, outlaws, or coaches…

Today’s post is about a runner.

When I think of a runner, I think of someone disciplined.  Devoted to their sport.

Most runners are over-achievers, perfectionists. type-A personalities.

Many have established running routines.  They rarely miss a day.  They are driven by their need to run.

Although unorthodox in her methodology, this runner is no different.

She rarely misses the opportunity to run.

She’s a sprinter.  Able to run extremely fast for short spurts of time, to get ahead of the pack.  Leaving others far behind.

She’s a distance runner.  Able to run for long distances and for long periods of time…always ensuring that no one is too close to her lead.

She’s a cross-country/all terrain runner.  Able to run wherever she needs to.  Regardless of the environment, no matter how rocky, unstable, uncertain…she finds a way to run through it.

Her resolve is relentless.

But unlike the runners who run for sport, this runner is compelled.  She is addicted to the run.

For her it is an escape.

You are probably thinking…most runners do run for an escape, a break from their daily existence.

She runs to escape the things she fears most…

Not a monster…real or imaginary.

Not a person.

Not her past.

She runs to escape her future.  

She runs from what could be…

She runs from the things she perceives to be “too good to be true”

She runs from the people that make her feel something on a deeper level.

She runs from the beautiful possibility of true and everlasting love.

She runs and runs and runs.

Never looking back….

But never in sight of the finish line…

As there is none.

There is no victory in her race.  

In order to win, she must first lose

Lose control…

Lose herself in another.

To do so, she must slow down…

She must stop running.

And as I write this, she prepares for yet another run…

Her eyes locked in a gaze straight ahead

Sprinting to gain the lead….

Afraid to see what was beside her.

And I ran, I ran so far away
I just ran, I ran all night and day
I couldn’t get away

4 thoughts on “The Runner

    1. I am so glad someone else relates to the sprinting, all-terrain and distance running. Even when I am content and at peace, I have to fight the urge to run.
      I really appreciate your comments. Thanks for reading!


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