Time of the Season…

Living in the South, we have two seasons…

Hot and humid.  And less hot and humid.  We rarely experience a true change in season.  In fact, a mere prediction of snow sends us in a tailspin, leaving no bread, milk or toilet paper to be found in a two-state radius.

I have always longed to experience this mythical event….a change in seasons.  I am so accustomed to the same, predictable patterns of weather that I find myself oblivious to dates that signify seasonal change.  I find it’s always the same.  Summer begins in April and ends in November.  Then we have a brief winter and spring is rushed and hurried giving way to the relentless summer.

Maybe this year…I will experience something “different.”

Have you ever noticed that people talk about the weather when there is something else on their mind?  Something they may not want to share?  Some believe that this talk is “small talk” acting as a filler, or bridge to another topic.  Talking about the weather is easy.  Weather is a safe subject.

Personally, I think there’s more meaning in the discussion of local meteorology.

As I keep things on this trend, the forecast for the upcoming weekend is:



Very Hot.

Chance of significant storms this weekend.

Pressure system moving through.

Gaining energy.

Boating weather…

And Someone I know is traveling in a different region this week, thus enjoying the shift from summer to autumn.  Chilly mornings and evenings.  Mild days.  The perfect type of weather to just roll the windows down.



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