The Gentleman Caller…

de niro 2

He made me nervous….
Yes, me.  Ms. Calm, Cool and Collected.

Yes I am the same girl who has had playdates with Sadists. Rode the range with the Outlaw. Transcended space and time with a Pulitzer Prize winning writer. And played one hell of a football game with an up-and-coming Coach.

Yet he….made me nervous.
In a good way.

Readers, meet The Captain.  He has a boat and has invited me to apply for the position of first mate.

Ahoy there…

On to the maiden voyage.

Our initial meeting on OKC was a bit different.  Unconventional.  His first message:

“Wow.  Hello, Nicegirl. can you become a naughty girl?”

Something about the message and his profile picture clicked with me.  So I answered,

“Well I hate to say this, I already am.  Very naughty.”

And it went from there.  We exchanged innuendo and banter for a few messages, when something he said resonated to me that he was a Dominant, but just didn’t know it.

So I told him that he should “channel his inner Dominant”

And it gained momentum from there.  I shared this blog with him and recommended he learn about the D/s dynamic.  Honestly, I thought our relationship was simply going to be one of messages.

I mean, I shared this racy blog with him, providing him with a detailed account of my torrid tales.  While intrigued by it, most suitors run for the hills after seeing what I am in to .

He was different.  Not going anywhere.  Not this one.

And he gave me a curfew, in military time.  Just the kind of direction I crave.

After a lengthy conversation  into the wee hours of the night, he said,

“What if I come see you tonight?  I can be there in about 45 minutes.”

Holy shit…tonight?  I thought, but didn’t say it.  And after all it was well past my curfew…

But he who makes the rules can bend the rules.

“I need a minute to straighten up and freshen up.  Can you give me until 4:00?”

(Yes that was 4:00 am)

I began picking up Legos.  Cleaning off the tables.  Trying to make the house presentable.

Nothing like speed cleaning at “Oh”-three-hundred…

I sent him a text asking for some extra time.

His reply to me was simply, “Relax”

And I did.  Because he told me to.  Already establishing his Dominance.

So he arrived at 4.  We had instant chemistry as he crossed the threshold into my home.

He was tall.  And extremely handsome.  He smelled heavenly.

His eyes were more intense in person than they were in his pictures.  (He truly has Robert De Niro’s eyes.)

And more than anything, he had presence.  He carried himself in a stature of control and discipline.

Even at 4:00 am.


He was a very sensual kisser, reeling me in with the taste of his lips.  There was no awkwardness.  No inhibition.

I found myself under his spell.

No space.  No time.  Just us…enjoying this early morning sojourn.

As things went further, there was no need for words.  Each movement, each shift was orchestrated by our penetrating eye contact.  We were able, on our inaugural voyage, to communicate without words.

The intensity in his stare translated to the intensity in his body.  So imposing in stature.  And such an amazing lover.  So considerate.  So attentive.  So passionate.

Such a gentleman.

He was my guide into the twilight hours.  And although we did not dive into any BDSM activities, our time together was far from vanilla.  He took me on a journey to pleasure.  Intense.  Raw.  Passionate.  Pleasure.

And as far as D/s, we both realize that there will plenty of time to explore our dynamic.  But I willingly give him the control, allowing him to lead me wherever that may be.

This lady is honored to have such a gentleman.

And as he put it (quoted from a wise Dominant’s blog…) he understands that “A Gentleman is a patient wolf…”

Until next time, Captain.






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