Luck Be a Lady

rat pack

His last message to me was Thursday night…

“Just be ready tomorrow night at 8:30. Wearing something that makes you feel sexy and shows cleavage. And leave all your doubts outside my car door. I won’t speak to you until I see you in your driveway. And Darlin’, don’t be late”

The man knows how to express himself.

Who am I referring to, you ask?

Billy the Kid, the ultimate Outlaw.  Yes, Billy.  The Young Gun, who actually carries one (with the proper permit)…which I find sexy in an wild west kind of way.

Promptly at 8:30, I opened my front door and there he was…leaning on the hood of his sparkling clean car, arms crossed, smiling with a hint of mischief in his eye.  (Keep in mind, I don’t allow my kids to meet anyone I go out with…it could be confusing to them.  So I meet my gentlemen callers outside, while the sitter is inside with the kids.)

He walked over to me, took my hand and put me in the car.  Very old-school….

And speaking of old-school, Billy looked the part of a classic gentleman.   Wearing a lavender checked button-down, gray slacks and suspenders, he was equally classic and hip.   And his sleeves were cuffed showing his impressive Tag Heuer watch.  (I don’t know what there is about a man in a nice dress shirt, with the sleeves cuffed, wearing a big watch…but it always does it for me. Maybe it’s the time thing.  Seeing as I am always late…maybe it represents some inner longing to be punctual…I digress…)

But let me announce to my readers, for ONCE in my life, I was punctual.

We went to a local night spot and had a few drinks, and then Chrissy arrived to join the party.

You see, Billy has a Bucket List of naughty things he’d like to do.  And the number one….the holy grail….is participating in a ménage a trois.

And this man has accomplished so much in his 26 years on earth.  He is so driven.  So ambitious.  I want to give him this experience.  He is deserving.  After all, he will be doing his post graduate work at an Ivy League school, far, far away.  I see this as my gift to him, before he leaves.

So the three of us spent time getting to know each other, to explore our dynamic together.

There was palpable chemistry.  It made the server uncomfortable.  She could see it…and the fact that I announced, in my tipsy state, that Billy was trying to get us drunk to “have his way with us” probably didn’t help.

Initially though, I could feel some nervousness from all of us at the table.  Think about it.

How does One

Who is looking for “Three”

Make sense out of the Two?

Yes, I know.  The question sounds like a word problem from a standardized test.

But Billy, an Ivy League scholar, is great with math…and great with women.  He quickly sorted it out.

As an icebreaker, we talked about things we had never done, but wanted to do.  Vanilla things.

For Billy, he wants to bungee jump.

For Chrissy, she talked about skydiving.

For me, I disclosed that I had never been camping.  And I can’t say that I want to.

But bungee jumping? Yes, I would love to!

Skydiving? Yes, I would love to!

A three-way? With Billy and Chrissy? Oh, yes…I would love to!  And they were in also.

So we set a tentative date to play.  At Chez Moi.  Next weekend.

And we walked Chrissy to her truck. Both of us stole a kiss before departing.  Which was a different twist for me.  But it’s intriguing.  I kept hearing Melissa Etheridge songs in my head.

As we walked back to his car, we passed a man on the sidewalk playing guitar.  I love that Billy paused for a moment and gave him a few dollars.  Not because his playing was stellar.  Not to impress me.  It’s just how the Outlaw rolls.  He is classy.

And being the class act he is, he put me in the car.  Someone needed to….after all, Billy ordered me a very strong beverage called the Grateful Dead.  I don’t know what it had in it…likely the ashes of Jerry Garcia were sprinkled in there, as it was one potent drink.

On the drive home, I recalled another item from Billy’s Bucket List that involved my “involvement” driving on the highway.  I thought it the perfect time to dive into that bucket and make it happen.  Which I did, since we were traveling on a dark parkway.  I am not as flexible as I once was, but I am forever in debt to the man who invented tilt steering.

When we arrived at the house, we talked for a bit in the car.  Aside from the intense and kinky physical relationship we have, Billy is a great conversationalist.  He can keep up with my ADD style of chatter with ease.  And prior to my exiting the car, he handed me money.  Honestly, I was thinking…I don’t need any money for the work I did on the drive home, honey…when he said,

“This is for the babysitter, Darlin’.  If it’s not enough, I will be glad to give you more next time we meet.”

I was floored.  Of all of the middle-aged, professionals I’ve dated, not a single one has ever offered to pay for my sitter.  (And my sitter, that I affectionately call Mary Poppins, is amazing…and expensive).

Again, this man, this enigma, Billy the Kid, channeled old-school charm like Gregory Peck or Frank Sinatra, himself.

Whoever snags him as their mate, is one lucky gal.  Damn….

So on that note, I am closing this post with a throwback song that foreshadows the upcoming event, tentatively planned for next weekend.

Luck be a Lady…or TWO Ladies…Best is Yet to Come, Billy.








7 thoughts on “Luck Be a Lady

  1. All Dominants like punctuality, it is a trait of character. Time is the most important element in the life success.
    Very well written, amazing post, I like 🙂
    Have a nice sunday A

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true about punctuality. I always attempt to do more than time allows, and I must learn self-discipline to evolve in a more punctual person.
      I am so happy that you liked the post. I referred “Billy the Kid” to your blog for additional information on becoming the Dominant that I see lurking within him. He has much potential.

      Bon Dimanche, aussi.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Merci Monsieur!
        Je parle un peu de francais, mais j’ai besoin pratiquer. I have no one here that speaks with me, so I find that I forget what I don’t use.
        But sometimes I do dream in French, which is magnifique!


  2. My apologies for the late reply unworthy of a Gentleman, I appreciate your comment in french.
    My mother is English and my father was Belgian, that’s why I am bilingual.
    I feel more English than Belgian.
    God save the Queen 🙂

    Best regards A

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mon Dieu, elle parle le francais, ET elle sait les Broadway musicals? Talk about renaissance WOMAN! (I just costumed Guys and Dolls a few years ago for my thespians…)

    I’m hooked on your writing and journey… Searching for hints to your Blog subtitle… but must go to bed now! Je reviendrai!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Merci pour les mots! And yes, I do love a musical.
      Guys and Dolls is a favorite. Costuming sounds like fun 🙂

      About the subtitle….
      There was a stretch of time where I detoured away from my spiritual journey, but things very recently have shifted back in that direction, with the One.

      Doux reves!


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