Changing Lanes

One of the most challenging tasks for a new driver is the concept of “changing lanes”.

I know this because I have a teenage son, who is now into his second year of driving.  I recall a conversation we had soon after he obtained his driver’s license.

We were on a busy interstate when he asked me,

“How do you know when to change lanes?  I mean, when is it safe to move over?”

What a great question…

My answer, “Outside of the obvious (ensuring there is adequate room to move, that you’ve checked and double-checked before merging, you will begin to get a feel for the flow of traffic.  You will develop your style of driving.  It will eventually become natural to you.”

So readers, bear with me…you know I love metaphors and analogies.

In this metaphorical state I find myself navigating, with accidents, road closures and reckless drivers

How do I know when to change lanes?

What I mean is. how will I know when it’s safe to trust again?  To merge into that lane with someone.

To relinquish control, again.

To allow someone inside my head, again.

To be vulnerable, again.

Do I heed my own advice of ensuring safety, and then checking and double-checking, or do I trust my instincts and begin to re-develop my own style of driving?

I think the answer for me is both.

As I ponder this, I feel a bit of excitement about merging into the fast (but not too fast) lane again.  I am still cautious.  More cautious than I have ever been.

However, I am still on my journey.  It is enlightenment I seek.

And to get there, I am going to have to merge into traffic.

Lucky for me, I have a patient, understanding instructor, who is waiting to guide me.

Someone willing to take the back roads to Mayberry to help me find my strength again.

A person wiling to drive 10 hours, just to take me to lunch.  Knowing it may take several meetings before I even allow him to take me on that drive to Mayberry for a scoop of vanilla.  Yes, vanilla.

A person that truly understands the gift of my trust.  That honors it.

A real Renaissance Man.

We meet later this week.  Details to come.

Be safe in your travels, Mr. Hemingway.  See you soon.







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