Cats, Curiosity and the Renaissance Man


It’s 4:00 in the MORNING….

There is so much spinning about in my head tonight.  I am all over the place.  I feel unsettled.  I feel curious.

A couple of weeks ago, I was messaged by a man from my Vanilla dating site.  This message was much different from the typical Vanilla message of, “your purty” or “hit me up gorgeous” or “let’s chat beautiful”

This message had a distinct tone.  A tone recognizable to a sub like myself.  It unsettled me…in a good way.

Curiosity is a weakness for me as prefaced in some of the good/bad decisions I’ve made along my journey.

Who is this man?  I read his profile.

Well-written and biting…I liked it immediately.  There were certain undertones.

Then I read his list of 6 things he could not live without, #6 was his riding crop.


I replied to his message with my own certain tone and added in, as a closing, “I have been known to enjoy a riding crop”

Message received.

We began talking and there was an instant connection.  He was different than anyone I’d talked with previously.  He had a true wisdom about him…a je ne sais quoi….

Worldly, well-spoken, polite, knowledgeable.  A pure gentleman with a twisted dark side.

I was talking with a real Renaissance Man.

I’d heard of Renaissance men, but I thought of them more as a concept, an ideal.  I didn’t think they existed.

And I found one…early in my journey.

A real Renaissance Man in the modern world…who is also an experienced Dom.

With a riding crop.

The BDSM gods have smiled down upon me. 

As we plan our inaugural encounter, he sends me his thoughts.  Random thoughts.  Dark thoughts.  Enlightened thoughts.  Kinky thoughts.

His emails are so well-written that it’s almost like reading a erotic novella.  And because of this I call him, Hemingway.

So Hemingway sends an interesting thought…

“In the Vanilla world, couples often have a difficult time expressing their desires.  Especially their dark desires.  They fear rejection.  They fear their partner will find them perverse.  It’s different in OUR beautiful world.  We openly express our darkest needs and desires, however, there is still a degree of fear.  If we verbalize the fantasy, are we truly prepared for it to become a reality? In OUR world, there is a high probability it will happen.  So, I guess we should be careful what we wish for…”

Eloquent.  Honest.  Thought-provoking.

And there have been other thoughts.  Dark thoughts.  Scenarios with burning flesh and medieval torture tactics.

Hemingway has certainly peaked my curiosity.  He is different.  I almost don’t know how to prepare for our first encounter.  It’s a bit unsettling.

A bit scary.

And I like it.

More to come…





2 thoughts on “Cats, Curiosity and the Renaissance Man

  1. I’m honored and touched. It reminds me of a short poem by Robert Burns:

    “Twould be a gift for the gods to gie us,
    To see ourselves as others see us.”

    It is so pleasing and unique to be able to see myself from your perspective. Thank you.



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