No Country for Old Men


I think we’ve established that I am always up for an adventure.

I find the online dating scene a bit tedious.  After all, I’ve been on a search for a very specific person for a long time.  It’s strange for me to open up to the vanilla possibilities out there.  After all, if I meet someone, how do I explain that I have a Dom in my life?  I mean how do you have that conversation.  I can see it now….

Over a lovely, contrived candlelight dinner in an upscale restaurant, we exchange niceties.

“How long have you lived in the area?”

“Tell me about your job”

“What do you like to do for fun?” (Dangerous ground for me…I like being tied and blindfolded. Add in a knife for kicks)

And as the night goes on we become more comfortable…

“When is the last time you were in a relationship?”

Some will be so bold as to ask, “What happened with your last relationship?”

How do I answer that?  How do I have the conversation?

Let’s rehearse, shall we…

“I am actually in a non-traditional relationship now.  It’s open, so I am free to date others.”

That will open the flood gates for a barrage of questions….

Or maybe I could say, “I am not interested in a serious relationship, I am seeing others.  I don’t seek a commitment”

That is code-word for:  tramp, slut, cheater, harlot and I just want sex from you….

So how do I do this?

Well before I could figure out my 5 minute elevator speech, I met an interesting young gentleman online.  We messaged and texted for a while and decided to chat on the phone for a bit.

Two hours later, I invited him over.

I know, I know….I sometimes lack judgment, but I have great intuition.  And he was harmless…

He was a very intelligent, witty, handsome fella…who was working on his postgraduate degree and had just been accepted into Harvard.

I am a sucker for the genius type.

And he was 26 years old.  Not a typo…two-six, Roman numerals….XXVI (gosh, it really looks better written that way)


He was born the year Dirty Dancing was released….

The year Milli Vanilla began recording their farce of an album…

The year I got my driver’s license. (If that’s not a REALITY CHECK.)

And yes, he was here.  In my house….drinking wine and dishing on philosophy.

I had NEVER in my career of relationships ever been with anyone younger that myself.



So here I am with this young gun.  A young gun who could hold his own in conversation and was far more mature than many of the forty-somethings I had dated.  Wow…what to do?

So I had the conversation.  He was an adult, after all (barely).  I told him about Bond and my journey.

He didn’t even flinch.  He maintained eye contact and asked great questions.

No judgment at all from him.  He didn’t run out the front door.

So we dished for hours…

Waxed poetic on my leather sofa.  Here’s a twist…nothing else happened.

And like the gentleman he was, he excused himself around 3:00 am.  On his way out he gave me an intense kiss goodnight.

This kid has some skills.

But the next night was a different story.  We agreed that he would come over for a “play-date”

Knowing what I was “in” to, I received a text late in the evening:

“When I get there I want you on the stairs with nothing on but heels and a smile, got it?

I was impressed, but I feel it’s time for me to pull a switch.

Switch:  A person in the BDSM lifestyle who can play either role, Top or bottom, Dominant or submissive.

It was time for me to channel my inner-Domme.

He arrived exactly on time, with a bottle of wine.  His mother obviously raised him right.  You always bring a hostess gift.

I greeted him in a dress and the heels he requested.

We shared a glass of wine and it was ON.

And since I give all of my guys a name for the blog,  he is Billy the Kid.

He is a renegade.  And sometimes wears a cowboy hat.

I won’t divulge all of the details, but we had a fantastic time.  I loved splashing about in the fountain of youth.

I was in the zone.  I was in control for a change and I REALLY enjoyed it.

My inner-Domme eagerly came out to play.

He knows a lot for his limited years on this earth.  But the young gun still has much to learn from an experienced teacher.

Billy is definitely going to be a regular…

Just the dish I was searching for….

To be continued.



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