Fly Your Freak Flag

It’s Fourth of July weekend!

In celebration of our nation’s independence I feel compelled to relish in my own independence.

With the help of a certain secret agent, I have unlocked a hidden place within myself.  I have surpassed my limits. I have let go.

So I say…Let FREEDOM RING!!!

After my time with Bond last weekend, my search for a Dom is over.  I have found the One to take me on my journey as a sub.  No one will ever be able to compare to him, his sublime control over me and our connection.

But Mr. Bond has a family, as do I and we are not 24/7.

Now that I have the D/s dynamic I need, what’s a girl to do with all of this downtime?

Boredom is a dangerous place for me.


Since I am not seeking kinks, I decided to reactivate my profile on a vanilla dating site.

Still craving the fear…the anticipation….not knowing who is out there…(that’s my kink, I guess.)

The choices are endless….

And ironically, I am finding that everyone.  EVERYONE.

Everyone has a freak flag.

Most are afraid to proudly fly it in the open.  Understandable.  I don’t openly fly mine.

Some are afraid to even talk about it.  They keep their flags hidden from everyone.

They hide them from themselves.

I relate to this too.  For years, I denied the existence of my flag.

And there are those who need someone else to fly it for them.

My flag was out.  Bond helped me wave it.

The hesitancy is in the acceptance.

Will they think I’m weird?  Will they be offended?  Will this scare them away?

Will they still want me?

In many cases, will they still love me?

One of the many things that Mr. Bond has taught me is to be open.

Honest with him, but more importantly honest with myself.  That is difficult, being honest with yourself.  Reaching deep and understanding what you really want.

Bond is able to extract marrow from the depths of my kinky ways.  I can do this because I trust him.

He won’t be offended, he won’t think I am weird, and there’s nothing to scare him away.

So I challenge us all to let go.

Let go of the worry.

Let go of the judgment.

Assert your independence…

Fly Your Freak Flag…





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