Good Vibration (and it’s not what you are thinking)

For those of you reading this that are past the age of 35, you may recall a 90’s band named Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

Anyone remember? Don’t be shy…

Yes, Marky Mark is now Mark Wahlberg. And back in the day, he was a singing, dancing underwear model. He was the source of many a young girl’s dreams.

Who says a “not-so-young girl” can’t dream?

If you’ll recall from an earlier post, I was clear in that you won’t find exotic flavors looking for vanilla ice cream. Remember?

This realization led me to create a profile on a BDSM website, “”. This is where those who share an interest in the lifestyle go to meet like-minded individuals. This is where I met James Bond, actually.

Makes sense. Smaller pond with the right fish…I digress

This is also where I met Marky Mark.

I received 3 messages from “Mark” before I responded. The last one said, “I would really like for us to talk. I feel there is a connection. I know you’ve ignored my previous messages, but I am asking you to take a chance and see if we connect.”

Straight-forward. Persistent. Great traits for a Dom.

So I answered and we exchanged numbers and pictures.

OMG…it’s Mark Wahlberg. Even in his underwear.

He was a true Southern gentleman, who cussed like a sailor. He called me ma’am and then dropped a few F-bombs. Loved it.

He was new to the site. In his words, “There are some freaky motherfuckers out there. I don’t want all that shit. I want a long-term lover that I can be with that knows how to present herself as a lady in public, but can be a whore in bed”

Admirable trait.

I felt a sense of disappointment. After all, I did register on this site for a specific flavor. But I carried on to see where it took me.

We talked at length. The best part of our interaction was that we were so similar in our vanilla lives. Both in sales. Both intelligent. Both driven. Both insatiable.

“I’ve got to meet you. You are a sexy bitch and I know how to handle a woman like you”


“Oh, you do?” I played coy. “Tell me how I need to be handled”

So here’s where I saw a glimmer of hope. Maybe he was a Dom and just didn’t know it yet. Maybe he, indeed, was secretly one of the freaky motherfuckers he spoke of.

“When I get there tomorrow, I want you in nothing but a gown/dress, on your fucking knees waiting for me to walk through your front door.”

Now, we’re cooking….

“And? Anything else?”

“Be prepared, darling. This Southern gentleman won’t be gentle come tomorrow”


So at the agreed upon time, he arrived. Holy shit…Mark Wahlberg is at my house. I watched from the window, unnoticed by him.

This man had some serious swagger. It was apparent in all he did. Just the way he slammed the car door…how he looked at his reflection in the window. How he fussed with his shirt. How he walked to the door…

The door!

Oh crap….I am supposed to be on my knees, waiting at the door.

Frazzled, I quickly rushed to my place. I took my place.

I went into role.

He slowly opened the door.

Our eyes met.

He smiled as he walked over to me. (Not quite a sadistic grin, but close enough for me)

He knelt down in front of me, brushed the hair from my face.

Holding my face he said, “I’m Mark. Pleased to meet you, ma’am”

I totally forgot who I was….

Oh shit….not prepared.

Come on…Come on…..what’s my name…

I need a name….

“Pleased to meet you, cowboy. I am YOURS” (Slick and powerful, I thought)

“Oh, you are, are you? Well, we will just see about that, won’t we?”

It’s a blur really….I would love to fill this page with an instant replay of every juicy detail, but it was so consuming, I can’t do it the justice it deserves.

Let’s just say, that I found vanilla ice cream in the exotic foods section. But it was the best freaking vanilla ice cream I had consumed in a LONG time.

Afterwards we talked shop. Yes, we talked shop. He talked about his industry. I talked about mine. We talked about different business opportunities. And after a bit, we parted ways.

And yes, I secretly watched him swagger into his car.

And to you, my readers I will admit, the entire time he was here, all I could hear playing in my head was,

“It’s such a good vibration….such a sweeeetttt sensation”

Yes, Marky Mark. It certainly was….


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